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Merle Norman Cosmetics: Living the Legacy

For 90 years, Merle Norman has researched, developed, manufactured, and packaged high quality cosmetics and skin care products right here in the United States.

When Merle Norman founded her company, she hoped to address the beauty needs of women and give them a new vehicle for personal expression. By giving women the chance to open their own Merle Norman studios, she also empowered many of them to become entrepreneurs, unafraid to take control of their own destinies.

Merle Norman pioneered “try-before-you-buy” makeup sales and we stick to her vision today: we give customers makeovers, encourage them to test out different products, give demonstrations on proper skincare, teach makeup application techniques, and do everything else we can to help our customers find products that make them – and their skin – very happy.

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your skin growing younger all the time.

your skin growing younger all the time.

The perfect foundation everytime

The perfect foundation is natural and smooth.