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Tonya Green
23:53 09 Oct 18
Say yes to the dress!
Jessica Moore
10:56 02 Sep 16
Somer Caulder
01:18 01 Feb 15
Martha Bustamante
02:50 04 Dec 14
kimberly webbpayne
22:16 09 Feb 19
Loved this place. I’m telling everyone and the selection was great. This was the 5th place we visited and my daughter said yes to her senior prom dress. I’m glad the staff helps with the dresses. We went to another dress store where the dresses were not in bags. They were dirty and if I’m buying a new dress I do not want one that wasn’t taken care of before it was purchased.
Manya Kline
00:02 10 Feb 19
Found this store through a Google search. Spent this afternoon there with my daughter and had a great time. So many beautiful dresses to pick from and the staff was attentive and helpful even while the boutique was very busy. My daughter found her dress and got to ring the bell! We traveled an hour from Wake Forest, NC and look forward to going back for her senior prom. 😊💃
Kristie Morales - Lagunes
00:59 05 Mar 19
Came out with a gorgeous prom dress! Wasn't planning to really buy a dress that same day but I can truly say I found the dress! Love the "Say yes to the (prom) dress" celebration they do once you have decided & love how they make sure no one in your school has your dress! Super nice staff & I really felt welcomed the moment I stepped in!! Highly recommend !!!
Ava Oljeski
19:25 16 Mar 19
Extremely helpful
Dondeana Dickey
03:45 19 Mar 19
My first time to visit this location, and it was great! Best Merle Norman I have been to in North Carolina! They had even closed 10 minutes prior, but still opened their doors to serve me! They had exactly what I needed in stock, the owners extremely helpful and made me feel at home so far away from Indiana! I will be sure to make a point to make this my go to Merle Norman location! Thank you all!
Katie Hicks
22:24 23 Mar 19
We came in on a Saturday. I didn’t expect my daughter to find THE prom dress. The experience was great. Wanda, the owner, is amazing!!!!! Be prepared to wait but it was WORTH it.
Bethany McKeathen
19:58 07 Apr 19
Alysha was awesome. After two days of looking for a prom dress with my teenager we came to the Dress Boutique. The pricing, customer service, and environment were fantastic. We start here first next year!! 😁
Hanna Rosales
18:59 11 May 19
I had such a wonderful shopping experience here! Their customer service was great and they helped me every step of the way-from the dress to the shoes and accessories to match. Margaret was patient, sweet, and had a lot of great tips. I also got some amazing deals! Highly recommend them if you’re looking for a great place to shop for unique clothing and personal shopping experience!
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